Escape journey from house arrest

We have seen global tycoons taking an amazing risk and going through amazing adventures over the years. But, what Carlos Ghosn pulled last year is truly remarkable.

The former Nissan boss explained to us his escape journey from his house arrest in Japan. It feels like the plot of a movie, but there was no fiction. But, what he did for himself set him free, because otherwise, he would have died in prison. He was left with only two options, do nothing and die, or try to escape. So, he chooses to try his best to escape, after all, what he had to lose. He was under house arrest in Japan for financial misconduct charges of around £79 million. Still, he managed to flee from Japan on a midnight private jet.

He said that it was 9.30 in the morning in central Beirut when he saw the most famous fugitive crossing the Abdel Wahab el-Inglizi Street. He was talking to him and then walked into the hotel with his wife. Even though there was a big explosion in the port in August, the hotel was opened, among the few others. When he was arrested, he thought he will not see them again, so it turned out well for him.

He is the one who transformed Nissan from a struggling company failing to rival Honda and Toyota to a world-class company. During his time, the company built the largest car plant in the UK.

He doesn’t acknowledge these charges and categorically denies them. But, in December, last year, he manages to escape on a private jet to Istanbul and from there to Beirut. His escape can definitely be regarded as the crime story and business story of the last decade.

So, he was back home safely, as there is no extradition treaty between Lebanon and Japan, and ready to tell the story. He begins by saying that for him it’s a fight for his reputation. In his book, titled, Time for the Truth, he has accused Nissan of fabricating the charges.