Quadricycle despite having two doors

For those people who are fans of small cars, the vehicle from Citroen, Ami EV is a perfect delight. The vehicle is very likely to make its way to the UK, but before we talk more about this, let us tell you something. Even though you already know, it wouldn’t be a proper full-vehicle, as we have used the word small, you should know it’s not a vehicle at all. Now, how a product being described as a car not be a car, you might be wondering.

Well, it’s not because, it’s a quadricycle despite having two doors, two seats, a motor, a steering wheel, and two pedals. It belongs to the category of small and light vehicles like the Renault Twizy as well as the Reva G-Wiz.

Quadricycle can be beneficial for many people. For example, there are some countries in Europe, where a quadricycle can provide several liberties. Some countries allow you to drive it even without a full driving license, some allow you to drive it even if you are 13 years old, but it’s not allowed in the UK. As compared to the card, their crash-testing is not as rigorous. They also don’t have to comply with the emissions regulations, especially the latest ones.

We have seen many G-Wizes in London too. One time, I was about to be sedated for significant dental treatment, but the anesthetist owned it, so he asked me what I think of them. So, I told him they are very good because he was responsible for my condition during the treatment. Had I told him my true opinion, he could have made things difficult for me. So, yes, I lied to him.

Even though my opinion about them has never been very positive, but since I have seen the Ami One concept at the Geneva motor show last year, my interest has increased. The Ami One is quite light with a weight of 423kg without batteries and it’s just 2.39m long and 1.37m wide. The idea of the new small Citroen alternative has got my attention. So, if you want to buy one, you should tell them, and ask the other interested people to do so as well.